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Cleator Moor
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Farm Services


We offer a full range of modern farm services including routine fertility, performance related nutritional advice,we regularly use on farm scanning for herd pregnancy testing,offering follow up advice for general farm profitability.

Foot trimming using our own mobile foot crush if needed, dehorning, castration, blood & mastitis testing, worm egg counts and advice, vaccination & housing design advice as well as full range of emergency services.


The nature of our sheep practice tends to be quite seasonal in nature, obviously given the nature of the breeding cycle of most flocks.

Worm egg counts and advice, ram fertility testing, blood testing for  maedi visna, scrapie, abortion agents, nutrition including general screening or specific trace element analysis, with specific application to on farm profitability, including live weight gain in youngstock.

On a general point, we are open 7 days a week for the collection of drugs,loans of equipment etc. & pride ourselves on the level of personal, helpful service we provide.