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Roundworms (Toxocara and Toxascaris)

We recommend that all adult dogs and cats are routinely wormed against roundworms every 3 months as recommended by the British Small Animal Veterinary Association.

How often a puppy or kitten needs to be wormed and with what product depends on the health of the individual and previous doses of wormer that he or she may have been given. Your vet will advise you on the best worming regime for your puppy or kitten at the time of vaccination.


We strongly recommend that you have your pet neutered whatever its gender may be.

In the case of cats we recommend neutering at 6 months of age or older whether male or female.

In the case of dogs we recommend males at 6 months of age or older, females at 3 months after the first "heat" or older but not within 3 months of being in " heat".

We routinely neuter a range of other species which we can discuss according to your individual need.

Flea Treatment

In the case of cats and dogs we recommend flea treatment using a Veterinary product on a regular basis according to manufacturer recommendation. Please ask if you need any help.



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Pet Nutrition

Pet Nutrition

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